I am Alexandre Pellet, originally from France and currently residing in Montreal, Canada. I am passionate about animation, drawing, video games, and music. As a graphic designer since 2012, I have found great joy in personal illustration projects. Since 2019, I have specialized in motion design, enjoying collaborative work with fellow creative enthusiasts. Humor plays a significant role in my life, and I strive to create impactful experiences for others. Welcome to my portfolio, a showcase of my artistic journey and passions, with the hope of collaborating with like-minded creatives to bring forth memorable projects.





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In 2014, I embarked on an ambitious project by creating my curriculum vitae in the form of a video game. Driven by a passion for programming, illustration, animation, and design, I took charge of every aspect of the project, from start to finish. The final result reflects my dedication and creativity, with carefully crafted elements to showcase my professional skills.

This interactive CV was designed to provide a unique experience for recruiters, immersing them in a world inspired by Super Nintendo video games. I also made sure to incorporate music directly from these games to add an authentic and nostalgic touch.

Unfortunately, the video game CV is playable only on a computer, limiting its accessibility on other devices. Despite this limitation, the project remains a centerpiece of my portfolio, bearing witness to my passion for my work and my commitment to delivering creative and impactful presentations of my professional abilities.


Art Director Programmer


Motion Designer


  • Game Maker
  • Pixel Edit


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